2002 Dom Perignon P2 'Plenitude'

The 2002 P2 was bottled simultaneously with the original release 2002 Dom, but unlike the Crown Cap used for the original, the P2 is sealed with a real cork.  

We can assume that this is done so the wine can be aspirated for testing with a Coravin (or like device) to help the winemaker discern the appropriate time for disgorgement, but the cork also allows for some micro-oxygenation which does not occur with the Crown Cap.  

The dosage for the P2 is around 4-5 g/L vs 6-7 g/L for the original release.   The lower sugar dosage was likely chosen because of the extra richness the P2 exhibits due to all that extra time on its lees.

The original 2002 release was disgorged in 2009 and released in 2010, while the P2 was disgorged in 2017 and released in May 2019, making them each relatively recent disgorgements prior to release.  Recently disgorged champagnes tend to exhibit fresher fruit notes which imparts a delicious contrast to the P2’s richer texture and more pronounced autolytic notes brought on by those extra 8 years on lees.

Dom Perignon 2002

P2 “Plenitude, Champagne

Tasting Notes:

The flavour instantly unfurls leaving a bright, expressive, delicate aftertaste that is lively yet sensual, and still very fruit-forward. The nose and palate are strikingly similar, and the velvety mouth-feel becomes deeper and richer. The overall result displays intense, elegant, saline and slight liquorice notes.



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