We’re giving away over $55,000 in prizes this holiday season, in partnership with some of your favourite brands.
Visit our Locations December 1 – Jan 31 and scan the QR codes to fill out your ballots and enter to win.
No purchase necessary. Must be of legal drinking age. 

11 TVs!

2 x 75″ TVs

C/O Forty Creek/Campari

1 x 75″ TV
C/O Captain Morgan/Diageo

1 x 65″ TV
C/O Bud Light/Labatt

7 x 65″ TVs
C/O Skyy, Appleton, Wild Turkey, Long Branch/Campari

Snow Blowers

4 x Snow Blowers

21″ Power Clear 

Approx Value: $1,000/each

C/O Peroni/ Asahi




3 x E-Bikes

Surface 604 – Camo Fat Bike with 500w motor

Approx Value: $3,700/each

C/O Pabst, Old Milwaukee/ Sleemans


2 x LG SoundbarsLG 

3.1.2 Ch 380 Dolby Atmos

Approx Value: $800/each

C/O Lodi Zin/Appellation



Hair Dryers

6 x Dyson Hair Dryers

Approx Value: $575/each

C/O Baileys/ Diageo



Turntable & Sound

3 x Turntable & Sound Packages

Yamaha 5.1 ch Home Theatre Receiver, Soundstage Speakers ( Centre Channel, Tower, and Bookshelf), TEAC Bluetooth Turntable, and Speaker Cable.

Approx Value: $2,500/each

2 x Packages C/O Oyster Bay/ Delegat

1 x Package C/O White Claw/ Mark Anthony


5 x Smashball Games
C/O Captain Morgan/ Diageo

5 x Cornhole Games
C/O Baileys/ Diageo

Sporting Goods

1 x Snowboard
C/O Captain Morgan/ Diageo

8 x Hockey Bags
C/O Crown Royal/ Diageo

& More

1 x Firepit
C/O Bulleit/ Diageo

10 x Hoodies
C/O Guinness/ Diageo

5 x Coolers
C/O Smirnoff/ Diageo