October 11, 2019 in Blog

Coravin Wine Preservation System

coravin wine preservation
It’s a wine-preservation system that uses smart technology to access the wine in the bottle while also keeping the oxygen from hitting it. Drink any wine, any time, without ever pulling the cork. Hosting a party and everyone wants to drink something different? With your Coravin, you can give everyone a taste of what they want without actually opening all of the bottles.

How to use it

The Coravin uses a tiny needle to puncture through the cork to access the wine without causing any cork damage. While pouring, Argon gas (an inert gas that is already used in the winemaking process) is released to protect the wine from oxidation. Once the needle is ejected, the cork will actually reseal itself allowing you to go ahead and store the rest of the bottle back in your cellar. The Coravin only works on natural corks.

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Why use it

Because of this unique preservation system, you can pour just a tasting (or a glass) from each bottle you want to try and save the rest of the bottle for another time!


Coravin Model 1 $299.99 + gst
Coravin Model 2 $449.99 + gst


Available at Crowfoot Signature Location in Crowfoot, Altadore and Aspen Wine & Spirits.