Terralsole – Harmony in a Bottle

The wines of Terralsole rank highly in the world of Brunello, and at our Crowfoot Signature store they rank highly amongst our wine staff as well. How out of the thousands of wines we carry, you might wonder, can all of our wine staff agree that these labels are some of the best in the store? It’s simple, the passion and dedication of winemaker and artist Mario Bollag is unmistakable.

Mario first fell in love with Tuscany while attending art school in Florence. Following the nature of his free spirit, Mario left the path of tradition that was leading him towards a career in law in order to live a life of adventure and exploration before finally settling back in Montalcino. While working as an artist, he made it a point to get better acquainted with the wines of his new home, which ultimately led to his career as one of the most celebrated wine makers of the region.

Established in 1996, the name Terralsole means, ‘land toward the sun’. This 30 acre estate brings together the harmony of art, music and winemaking to produce a lineup of award winning wines that includes a Rosso, Brunello, Riserva Brunello in exceptional years, as well as a selection of a few unique IGT wines. Mario explained to us that the guiding principal at Terralsole is, “great wine is made in the vineyards, not the cantina.” With this in mind, his Sangiovese Grosso rootstock was carefully selected so as to complement the soil types of the different terroirs of his vineyards. A true steward of the land, Mario takes special care of his vineyards, employing strict organic practices.

As if making one of the best Brunellos available in today’s market wasn’t enough, Mario decided it was time to identify his best plots of land and work towards producing two single vineyard Brunellos. The Pian Bassolino vineyard that surrounds Mario’s home sits at an elevation of 1250 ft and produces a wine that is robust, yet elegant with bold aromas and hints of spice. Just below at 750 ft, the wine from the Fonte Lattaia vineyard is slightly more subtle with a beautiful minerality and an exceptionally long finish. Having recently tasted the outcome of this decision with Mario himself, we can confidently tell you it was a successful undertaking and we highly recommend getting your hands on a bottle!

Quality aside, Mario’s character is one of the main reasons why our staff loves to introduce wine buyers to his products. When you’ve reached Mario’s level of success in the wine industry, it is easy to command a high price for every vintage. Not only are his products priced incredibly fair to begin with, if the vintage isn’t up to his standards of what a Brunello should be, as was the case in 2009, Mario labels his Sangiovese as a Rosso and sells it at a considerably lower cost.

Whether you’re a Brunello enthusiast or you’re just working your way into Italian wines, come see our wine staff and we’ll be more than happy to walk you through Mario’s wines and send you home with the right bottle from Terralsole. If you’ve tried all of the wines and still crave more from Terralsole, check out their winemaking program where you can craft your own custom blend, overseeing the entire process from vine to wine!